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Installation of Kitchen Appliances
The team at Kitchen Papa works with residential project developers and homeowners to create functional kitchens through innovative installations of kitchen appliances.
Highly competent in undertaking challenging projects such as the installation of fully integrated fridges, dishwashers and downdraft hoods, Kitchen Papa is always the installer-of-choice.
Our intricate and stringent quality control practices ensures that all appliances are installed with the proper electrical, gas and water connections in compliance to government and safety regulations.


Modifications of Cabinetries

Kitchen Papa offers professional and innovative solutions to help our clients maximise kitchen space. This include the modification of vacant cabinetries into ready-made spaces to accommodate newly purchased kitchen appliances.
Our skilled technicians are well-equipped with professional tools to undertake highly precision projects including the modification of glass, marble and granite kitchen counter-tops.
We are also capable of altering the dimensions of existing cabinetries to accommodate appliances of different sizes, such as bigger hob or a smaller oven; or replacing a chimney hood with a telescopic hood.  Speak to us on your requirements.


Handyman & Repairs Services

Kitchen Papa provides seamless and fuss-free servicing and repairs to your kitchen appliances, offering new and  refurbished appliances to expedite replacement without having to interrupt your cooking routine.
We also provide handyman services such as plumbing, light fixture installation, electrical rewiring, drywall repair, HVAC maintenance, flooring improvements and more.


Supply and Delivery of LPG Gas

Despite our diversification into other service offerings, we remain committed to our roots. Kitchen Papa remain a trusted supplier of LPG Gas for households and commercial users.
Our delivery hours are:
8.00 AM – 8.00 PM
Monday – Sunday (Including PH)
Contact us at 6282 2278 today!

plans & pricing

Our Rates


$80.00 & above

Simple installations of kitchen appliances such as gas hobs, cooker hoods and stoves etc.


$50.00 & above

Basic modification and repurposing of kitchen cabinetries.


$150.00 & above

Routine repair works such plumbing, electrical rewiring and HVAC maintenance etc.